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If you will be communicating with any LON devices using FT or TP-1250 twisted-pair channels or a power line (PL) channel, add a LON network interface as described in this section.

You can add an external LON USB interface to communicate with any LON FT, PL, or TP-1250 devices. Up to eight external LON interfaces can be added with a maximum of:

  • four U60 FT interfaces
  • one U60 TP-1250 interface
  • four U70 PL-20 interfaces

To add an external LON USB interface, connect the LON USB interface to one of the USB host interfaces on the SmartServer IoT using a USB Micro-B to USB A host cable.  Connect the USB Micro-B connector to the USB port on the U70 PL, and then connect the other end to a one of the four USB ports on a SmartServer IoT.  If you have more than four USB devices to connect to a SmartServer IoT, connect a powered USB hub to one of the USB ports on the SmartServer IoT, and then connect the devices to the hub.

You cannot install more than a total of five network interfaces (U60 or U70) and IOX modules in a single SmartServer. If you have five total, or if you have four and require a spare USB port, use a powered USB 3.0 compliant hub and plug all the U60 and U70 network interfaces into the hub. Always plug any IOX modules directly into the SmartServer and do not plug them into a hub.

If you are using an IOX I/O Expansion Module, always plug the IOX into a USB port on the SmartServer and do not plug it into a USB hub.

When using multiple U60s or U70s make sure the SmartServer is powered first before plugging in all but the first U60 or U70, and plug in each additional U60 or U70 one at a time. You only have to do this once during the initial U60 or U70 installation.

The following LON USB interfaces are available for the SmartServer IoT:

Channel Type                                             Model Number 

Product Name                                      

Free-Topology Twisted Pair (FT)75060R-40

U60 FT DIN USB Network Interface

C-Band Power Line (PL)75070R-70

U70 PL DIN USB Network Interface

High-Speed Bus-Topology Twisted Pair (TP-1250)75060R-30

U60 TP-1250 DIN USB Network Interface

Additional Information

For additional information, see: 

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