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Defining the IP-852 Channel Devices 

  1. If you do not already have an IP-852 Configuration Server on your IP-852 channel, download and install the IP-852 Configuration Server here.

  2. Open the IP-852 Configuration Server.

  3. Add your IP-852 routers and devices, including the SmartServer IP-852 router.

  4. Right-click the channel, and then click Update Members. Verify that your SmartServer IoT device and other IP-852 routers and devices are green.

  5. Launch the LonWorks Interfaces (32-bit) control panel applet on your Windows PC.

  6. Define an IP-852 VNI interface that will be used by IzoT CT in the LonWorks Interfaces applet.

  7. Confirm that all of the nodes on the IP-852 channel are functional as indicated by their green appearance in the IP-852 Configuration Server application.

    If so, you can start commissioning the router elements in IzoT CT.

Continue setting up the IP-852 feature following the steps in the section below: Switching to LON Independent Management Mode (IMM)

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