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The features necessary to perform these operations are available with SmartServer 2.7 Update 1 and higher.

A SmartServer image can be deployed to one or multiple SmartServers using the cloning method. This method replicates a reference (source) SmartServer IoT to another (target) SmartServer IoT(s). The cloning method provides the ability to deploy a SmartServer image that is identical to the reference SmartServer, including the SmartServer system software and all configuration files. This method is, however, more complex and generally takes longer per SmartServer. Additionally, since the SmartServer software is part of the cloned image, and therefore tied to a particular SmartServer release, the clone has to be rebuilt with every new release to stay current. Or, the update procedure has to include a step for each cloned SmartServer to be updated to the latest release. 

See Cloning and Deploying a SmartServer to a Multiple Sites for more information about the SmartServer cloning process.

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