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Current version of the Driver Framework:  1.00.000 dated 13th June 2019.

You can download the Driver Framework at

The Driver Framework is supplied as a suite of Node.js modules and offers a generic implementation of a custom IAP/MQ-based driver that provides stubs, which can be connected to third-party Ethernet or serial-based protocols.  

As supplied, the Driver Framework allows you to create working "logical" devices from the CMS or IAP/MQ. The stubs need to be modified to support third-party protocols.

Version 1.00.000 supports the following device actions:

  • Create action
  • Provision action
  • Deprovision action
  • Update action
  • Replace action
  • Delete action
  • Load action
  • Test action
  • Datapoint Connections
  • Set datapoint value
  • Get datapoint value
  • Monitor datapoints

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