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The IOX is powered from the USB interface to a SmartServer.  You can optionally connect the IOX ground input to earth ground. A ground connection is not required unless you require an earth ground connection for the RS-485 interfaces as described in Connect the IOX to an RS-485 Interface on page Using the IOX Connectors.

The IOX ground screw terminal accepts 0.22mm2 – 3.3mm2 (22 – 12AWG) gauge solid wire. The optimum tightening torque for the screw terminal is 0.75 Newton-meters (6 lbs. in.) maximum.  The ideal flathead screwdriver tip width for use with the screw terminal connectors is 3mm (0.12”). Strip the ground wire to a length of 7mm (0.28”). You can use an insulated cord pin end terminal to prevent fraying and inadvertent contact with adjacent terminals. 

When you apply power to the IOX from the USB connection to the SmartServer, the LEDs on the IOX will flash as the unit boots. Once the unit is powered and operational, the green Power/Wink LED will stay on solid. 

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