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The Calendar widget is available with SmartServer 2.6 and higher.

The Calendar widget is used to create, edit, copy, view, and delete calendar events that are created to define device behavior. 

The Calendar widget shows the scheduled events for each day in the day, week, and month views, and shows the calendar without events in the year view. You can select dates in the past, present, or future, and either view the schedule that happened in the past for a selected time period, view the schedule for the current day, or view the schedule for a time period in the future.

Calendar events can be defined based on a date and time. The calendar event can be defined as an all-day event for a specified date, or for a specified date and time range. Calendar events that are defined for a date and time range can be based on a fixed, local time, or on sunrise and sunset time.

The SmartServer calculates sunrise and sunset times based on the latitude and longitude entered for the SmartServer, and a calculated time of the transition from nautical twilight to civil twilight for sunrise, and the transition from civil twilight to nautical twilight for sunset. This transition occurs at an elevation angle of 6° below the horizon. To verify the latitude and longitude settings for your SmartServer, see Verifying the SmartServer Location in the Configure Your SmartServer section. See also Verifying the SmartServer Timezone in the Configure Your SmartServer section to verify that your SmartServer is set to the appropriate timezone for your location prior to scheduling events.

If multiple calendar events are scheduled to be active at the same time in the week and month views, only the highest priority event is displayed at each time interval. Ellipses to the right of the event represents additional events occurring at the same time. 

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