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You can use the U70 PL-20 to provide a LON PL-20 power line network interface to a SmartServer IoT or any other device with a USB interface. You can also use the U70 PL-20 as a power source for the SmartServer. 

To power the SmartServer from a U70 and use the U70 as a power line network interface, follow these steps:

  1. Mount the U70 near your SmartServer as described in Mount Your SmartServer.

  2. Connect the power mains to the U70 power input.  The input is labeled as follows:

    Connect these to power mains as follows:

    1. Connect the U70 earth ground input () to a protective earthing conductor. The earthing conductor shall have a green-and-yellow insulator, or such other color as required by national building wiring requirements where the U70 is installed, and no other U70 conductor can use the same color code. The size of the earthing conductor shall be at least  5mm² (20AWG), or larger if required by the national building wiring requirements where the U70 is installed.

    2. Connect the power line Neutral input to the N input on the U70 using 22 gauge or greater wires.

    3. Using one to three 22 gauge or greater wires, connect one, two, or three power line phases to the A, B, and C inputs of the U70.  An input on the A input is required to power the U70.  The power input must be 100 – 277VAC +/- 10% 50/60Hz +/-5%.  The U70 load is 0.1A.

  3. Connect the power output of the U70 PL-20 to the power input for the SmartServer using two 0.22mm2 – 3.3mm2 (22 – 12AWG) wires.  The power output connector of the U70 is labelled as follows:

    The power input of the SmartServer is labelled as follows:

    The optimum tightening torque for the screw terminals is 0.75 Newton-meters  (6 lbs. in.) maximum. The ideal flathead screwdriver tip width for use with the screw terminal connectors is 3mm (0.12”).  Strip wires to a length of 7mm (0.28”). You can use an insulated cord pin end to prevent fraying and inadvertent contact with adjacent terminals.

  4. When safe, apply power to the U70 PL-20.  The Power LED on the top will light to indicate the U70 is powered.

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