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Device status reports (referred to as Asset Reports on the Report Definition widget) present device summary information over a period of time. In order to view these reports, you must first create a report definition and then generate the report.

This section describes these operations and consists of the following:

Creating a Report Definition

  1. To create a report definition, click the Action button () located on the Report Definition widget. 

  2. Select the Create Definition action.

  3. Enter values for the following report parameters:

    • Name – the report name
    • Type – Asset Report
    • Scope type – Geozone
    • Selection type – Geozone – Geozones by customer or Multiple select

  4. Click NEXT.

  5. Enter values for the following report parameters:

    • Search – used to select geozone(s)

  6. Click SAVE.

    The new report definition is added to the Report Definition widget.

Generating Reports

  1. To generate a report, click the Action button() on the Report Definition widget and select the Generate Report action.

    The Generate Report widget is added to the CMS dashboard. You may need to scroll down to view this widget.

  2. On the Generate Report widget, define the time period for which you wish to have the report generated from the list of available dropdown options:

    • Custom period
    • Last month
    • Last week
    • Last year
    • This year
    • This month
    • This week
    • Today
    • Previous month
    • Previous week
    • Previous year
    • Yesterday

    Custom Time Period Settings

  3. Click GENERATE. The report is displayed.

    Note: To best view all of the information on this widget, click the Expand button (  ). 

Showing Reports

  1. To show generated reports, click the Action button () located on the Report Definition widget and select the Show Reports action.

    A report list appears.

  2. Click the Show Report button ( ) to display the report.

  3. Click the Back button ( ) to exit this view.

Removing a Report Definition

  1. To remove a report definition, click the Action button () on the Report Definition widget and select the Remove action.

    Note: Removing a report definition also deletes related reports.

  2. Click YES in the Confirmation dialog box to remove the selected report definition.

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