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PART NUMBER: 153-0100-01B

LonMaker Integration Tool Service pack 2 can only be installed over LonMaker 3.1 (with or without Service Pack 1). To apply LonMaker 3.1 Service Pack 2 to any LonMaker releases prior to Release 3.1, you must first install a LonMaker 3.1 upgrade. You can install Release 3.1 over an existing LonMaker 2 or 3 installation, or you can install it as a new installation. If you have purchased LonMaker credits for Release 2 or 3, you should install Release 3.1 over your existing installation. The LonMaker 3.1 installation includes a complete LNS 3.04 runtime with LNS 3 Server, and new/updated drivers. The LNS 3.04 runtime includes LNS 3 Service Pack 4. (1.89 MB, last modified 11/15/02, 153-0100-01 rev B).

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