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 The SmartServer IoT User's Guide consists of the following sections:


Introduces the SmartServer IoT.   Click here to go to the Overview.

Getting Started

Provides essential information about how to get started using the SmartServer IoT.  Click here to go to Getting Started
It includes:  

Using the CMS

Describes how to use the SmartServer IoT Central Management Software (CMS).  Click here to go to Using the CMS.  
It includes:

System Maintenance

Describes the maintenance operations available in the SmartServer IoT.  Click here to go to System Maintenance.
It includes


Describes the SmartServer IoT hardware and provides hardware setup instructions.  Click here to go to Hardware.
It includes:

Glossary of Terms

Definitions for certain terminology used in describing the SmartServer IoT. Click here to go to the Glossary.

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