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PART NUMBER: 153-0589-01 REV B

The IzoT NodeBuilder software 4.3 SR7 (4.37.01) provides software development tools for the FT 6000 EVK. The IzoT FT 6000 EVK is a complete hardware and software platform for developing IzoT and LonWorks applications and devices based on Echelon's Series 6000, Series 5000, and Series 3100 chips and Smart Transceivers. The SR7 release (and predecessors SR3 through SR6) correct a variety of problems discovered since the previously posted SR2 release.  This download is for FT 6000 EVK licenses only. To install this software, a serial number included with the FT 6000 EVK is required. 

For product documentation and more information, see the IzoT FT 6000 EVK product page.

Software Downloads

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