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You can implement a device property to provide a configuration network input to your application. Device properties are properties which apply to the device as a whole and not to specific block or datapoint. are not members of a block. Because blocks provide grouping of datapoints and properties into logical entities with well-defined behavior, device properties are not commonly used. However, there are cases when device properties can be useful, and they are often used for rapid prototyping or testing. See Implementing a Block for details about implementing blocks and datapoints or properties within blocks.


Device properties are always implemented as property datapoints. A global_index value is not automatically published for a property, even if it is implemented as a configuration datapoint and therefore, as a datapoint, has a global index value. The index value of a property (implemented as a datapoint) is not typically used, but if your application requires that level of detail, you can find it using IzotGetDatapointIndex().

See IML Syntax Summary for a complete list of modifiers and attributes supported with the device datapoint implementations.

See Data Types for more about the IML data types.