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  • Support for IP-852 and Remote Network Interfaces (RNIs—PE and IzoT Router)
  • Support for multi-channel routing, with support for up to 6 routers, each routing from a LAN IP-70 channel to up to five LON channels and one IP-852 channel (PE and IzoT Router)
  • Simplified custom Web page development with a new IzoT Vision tool (SE, PE, and IzoT Router)
  • Device interface (XIF) file generation for IzoT Python (SE and PE)
  • IzoT Server support for SNVT_str_ascii and other string types (SE and PE)
  • New server device for CPU utilization, memory usage, and disk usage (SE, PE, and IzoT Router)
  • Device browser updates to optionally show unique ID, type, and program ID in the device tabs (SE. PE, and IzoT Router)
  • Sorting options and manual ordering support in the device browser (SE, PE, and IzoT Router)
  • Data export from the device browser (SE, PE, and IzoT Router)
  • Enhanced multi-browser support (SE, PE, and IzoT Router)


To update from an earlier version of the IzoT Router software, see Updating the IzoT Router Software.