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Code Block
#include "IzotDev.h" 
SFPTopenLoopSensor(sensor, SNVT_temp_f) sensor; //@IzoT block implement(nciGain)   

void sample_io(void) {        
	float current = get_sensor_data();       

	current *= sensor.nciGain->multiplier;     
	current /= sensor.nciGain->divider; = current;       


int main(void) {     
	IzotInit    IzotInit();     
	while    while(1) {         
		IzotEventPump        IzotEventPump();         
		your your_algorithm();     
	return    return 0; 

You can access block datapoint members through the member name as defined within the profile, e.g., sensor.nvoValue. The datapoint is implemented within the block datapoint member, and can be accessed with the data attribute, e.g., = 1234.