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IzoT Net Server  is a software platform for creating open control systems. The platform supports multiple applications and service providers, and supplies the essential network services required for installing, operating, and maintaining LON based control systems.

The IzoT Net Server is the latest release of the OpenLNS Server, adding support for native IP-70 (LON/IP) devices and interfaces in addition to classic LON devices and interfaces supported by earlier versions of the OpenLNS Server. IzoT Net Server is compatible with Dialog’s LNS network operating system, eliminating the need for per-device fees (credits) and adding compatibility with 64-bit Windows 10 and new support for LON/IP devices on IP-70 channels.

You can install the latest IzoT Net Server on a computer that does not already have an IzoT Net, OpenLNS, or LNS Server, and you can install it on a computer that has an earlier release of IzoT Net Server, OpenLNS Server, or LNS Server to update the server to the latest release. You can determine the IzoT Net Server version by going to the Windows Control Panel "Programs and Features" and looking at "Echelon IzoT Network Services Server". 

To install the software contained in this download you will need an IzoT Net Server or OpenLNS Server activation key (these keys are the same and can be used with IzoT Net Server or OpenLNS Server). You can get a free IzoT Net Server Trial Edition Activation Key for a free evaluation. The trial edition is limited to two networks with a maximum of five devices each, runs for a maximum of 60 minutes at a time, and expires 60 days after trial activation. You can also purchase an IzoT Net Server Standard Edition Activation Key for full featured use on one computer for an unlimited number of networks. To get a free trial activation key, go to To purchase an IzoT Net Server Standard Edition Activation Key, contact your Echelon sales representative or distributor. In North America, you can instantly get a free trial key or purchase a standard key from the Echelon Online Store.

You can update any previously activated installations of earlier versions of the OpenLNS Server or IzoT Net Server to IzoT Net Server 4.4 at no additional cost.  The update is critical if you have OpenLNS Server 4.0 (4.00.182) because the Datababase Validator tool has a bug in it that can corrupt your database if you are using OpenLNS Server 4.0.  

For product documentation and more information, see the IzoT Net Server product page. 

IzoT Net Server Software Versions

NameVersion NumberDate
OpenLNS Server 2013
IzoT Net Server 2014
IzoT Net Server

March 2018

IzoT Net Server 2019
IzoT Net Server 2019
IzoT Net Server 2020

Software Downloads

Current Release

Previous Releases

Note: IzoT Net Server is the name for the current release of OpenLNS Net Server. It is backward compatible with the LNS Server.

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