This documentation describes how to use the first release of the IzoT CPM 4200 Wi-Fi EVK, and the second release of the IzoT Router, IzoT Server, and the IzoT SDK. These last three are called IzoT Router 2, IzoT Server 2, and Izot SDK 2. As described in the Introduction, there are two editions of the IzoT SDKthe Standard Edition (SE) and the Premium Edition (PE).

Following are the key new features for IzoT Router 2 and IzoT SDK 2. The editions containing the new features are listed at the end of each feature:

Check the software compatibility list on the Echelon Support Web site at for the latest version of the IzoT Router software and IzoT SDK.

To update from an earlier version of the IzoT Router software, see Updating the IzoT Router Software.