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To get started with the IzoT SDK Ready-to-Run Image for the Raspberry Pi, view the following video:

Getting Started with the Raspberry Pi

Alternatively, follow these steps:

  1. Get a Raspberry Pi Model 2, Model B+, or Model B with power supply. Get the Model 2 if you will be running the IzoT Server or router. You can get more information on where to buy a Raspberry Pi at The following are a few distributors:

  2. Get a 4GB or larger Class 10 SD card. The IzoT SDK has been tested on a Raspberry Pi, Model B, running Raspbian Linux and using a Samsung UHS-I 4GB SD Card. It is also compatible with the Raspberry Pi Model B+. In our testing the Samsung UHS-I SD Cards have been more reliable than other cards, and provide better performance.

  3. To run the Multi DIO example application, also get a PiFace Digital I/O Board. The following are a few distributors:

  4. Download the IzoT SDK Ready-to-Run Image for the Raspberry Pi from

  5. Insert the SD card for your Raspberry Pi in your computer's SD card reader/writer.

  6. Format the SD card with SDFormatter, selecting the options for a Full (Erase) format type and select the Format Size Adjustment option.

  7. Extract the Raspberry Pi image from the file you downloaded in step 4 and write it to your SD card using an SD card raw image writer.

  8. After the write is completed, remove the SD card from your computer, install it in the Raspberry Pi, and boot the Pi.

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