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This tutorial provides instructions to get you started writing basic programs in Node.js to access the SmartServer IoT Access Protocol (IAP) and interact with a target LON device. 

The SmartServer IoT runs (versions may be newer):

  • Ubuntu Linux version 16.04.4 LTS  
  • MQTT protocol version 3.1.1
  • Node.js version 8.15, Carbon code branch.  

Linux opens a tremendous wealth of open source software to build your applications, and Node.js/NPM opens up the world of node.js open source software with tens of thousands of developed node.js modules available to accelerate your software development.

This tutorial was developed using a computer running Windows 10.  However, you can perform the exercises in this tutorial using a Mac or Linux-based computer, if you install the equivalent of the software applications described for Windows

SmartServer IoT Tutorial Overview

This tutorial provides instructions on how to perform the following fundamental tasks required to program the SmartServer IoT using Node.js:

  • Initialize and add dependencies to a Node.js application.
  • Use Microsoft Visual Studio Code (VS Code) to edit and debug node.js applications running on your development computer.
  • Use MQTT.js to subscribe to a topic in the IAP/MQTT API.
  • Install a Node.js application on the SmartServer IoT target.
  • Configure your Node.js application to run on the SmartServer IoT.
  • Create and provision a LON device using the IAP/MQTT API.
  • Use the IAP/MQTT API to modify configuration properties on an LON device.

Next Step

If you have not done this already, set up your computer for this tutorial:  Setting Up Your Development Environment.

Set up hardware for the tutorial: Setting Up Tutorial Hardware.

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