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If you do not have access to the Internet, use the following procedure to update your SmartServer:

  1. Download the current SmartSever Software Downloader from the Current Stable Release section of SmartServer IoT Release Notes.

  2. Change the file extension of the downloaded file from .glpo to

  3. Extract the contents of the Software Downloader zip file.

  4. Edit the file with a text editor that does not alter line-endings (e.g., Notepad++ or VS Code).

  5. Find the location of the update image in the line with the image name. 

  6. Download the update image from the link found in step 5 and make it available on any accessible web server.

  7. Change the update image location to the new location from step 6 on the line you found in step 5.

  8. Save the modified SmartServer Software Downloader file.

  9. Zip the modified SmartServer Software Downloader file.

  10. Change the extension from to .glpo.

  11. Follow the Updating using the SmartServer CMS procedure with the modified SmartServer software downloader from step 9. Ignore the statement in the instructions that says “The CMS update method requires Internet access.”  This method only requires LAN access to the SmartServer and to the server created in step 6.

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