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You can update your SmartServer software using the SmartServer Configuration UI and a USB flash drive.  This is one of three methods of updating your SmartServer software as described in Updating the SmartServer Software.  The method described on this page is the easiest of the three methods if your SmartServer does not have an Internet connection.  To update your SmartServer software with the SmartServer Configuration UI and a USB flash drive, follow these steps:

  1. Download the update image to your computer. The latest update is at the following location:

  2. Insert a USB flash drive with at least 2GB of available space into a USB connector on your computer.  

  3. If your USB flash drive is not formatted with a FAT32 file system, reformat the drive with a FAT32 file system.  On Windows, you can use the Disk Management application in Windows Control Panel to reformat the drive.  Be sure to select FAT32 for the format, other formats such as exFAT and NTFS will not work.

  4. Extract the contents of the update image you downloaded in step 1 to the top-level of your USB flash drive.  Do not place the files in a folder on the flash drive.

  5. Eject the flash drive from your computer to flush any cached updates to your drive.

  6. Remove the USB flash drive from your computer and insert it into one of the USB connectors on the SmartServer

  7. Open the SmartServer Configuration UI as described in Configure Your SmartServer.

  8. The update procedure does not delete your existing data and configuration files.  To delete them, click Reset to Defaults and then follow the procedure described in Resetting the SmartServer to Factory Defaults.

  9. Click Update Image on the System Configuration page. 


    A dialog box appears to confirm that you want to overwrite your current SmartServer image.

    Note: If you see the message "Cannot locate the SmartServer image file. Make sure that your thumb drive is inserted into the USB port properly." appearing below the Update Image button, and the USB flash drive is physically inserted into the port, you need to connect to your SmartServer using the SSH console and enter the following command:

    sudo mount -o fmask=0022,dmask=0022 /dev/sda1 /media/usb0

  10. Click OK.

    A message appears on the System Configuration page indicating that a shutdown is scheduled in one minute, similar to the message shown below:

    The system initiates a reboot after a one minute delay, and then performs the update. During the process, the SmartServer displays status information in your console window if you have a console open, and the LEDs on the SmartServer IoT will blink intermittently. When the update completes, the SmartServer automatically reboots. The update takes approximately 30 minutes. The update does not change the SmartServer's serial # or password.

    Ready LED

    With SmartServer release 3.2 and higher, you can monitor the SmartServer Ready LED () for system status. 

  11. After the reboot, unmount and remove the flash drive using the following command from the console (see the Connect to Your SmartServer section for more information on how to connect to the SmartServer console) to unmount the drive prior to removing it:

    sudo umount /media/usb0    

  12. Plug back in any U60/U70/IOXs that you are using.

  13. Clear your browser cached data after the SmartServer is upgraded. For information on how to clear cached data, refer to the links below:

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