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You can configure a CPM 4200 Wi-Fi EVB, or other device with a CPM 4200 Wi-Fi Module, to join a W-Fi network. When the CPM 4200 Module first starts up, it checks if it has a prior Wi-Fi configuration. If it does, it attempts to connect to the configured wireless network using its configuration. If it is not configured to connect to a Wi-Fi network, the CPM 4200 will start its own access point. From here, you can use a WiFi enabled device, such as a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, to connect to the CPM 4200 Module's access point.

The default name of the access point is CPM-4200-XXXX where XXXX is the last four digits of the CPM-4200 Module's MAC address. The CPM 4200 Modules uses WPA2 PSK with a default password of echelonizot.

Once connected to the access point, you can move to the home page by opening in a Web browser. You can select the Provisioning Tool option to see a list of available wireless networks. Upon selecting and successfully connecting to a network, the CPM 4200 Module be accessible through the new network's access point and will be able to communicate with other devices on the same network, and will still have its own access point for local access and configuration.

You can reconfigure a CPM 4200 Wi-Fi EVB, or other device with a CPM 4200 Wi-Fi Module, that you have previously configured for a Wi-Fi network. To reconfigure the CPM 4200 Module, follow these steps:

  1. Open a remote terminal session to your CPM 4200 Module using PuTTY or other terminal emulator.

  2. Enter the psm-erase command at the console prompt.

  3. Reset the device. You can reset a CPM 4200 Wi-Fi EVB by pressing the SW3 Reset button that is adjacent to the USB cable.

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