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The IzoT SDK is a software development kit for the IzoT Platform. You can use the IzoT SDK to build custom apps for your custom IzoT devices, and you can also use the IzoT SDK to create apps for the IzoT Router. You can also use the IzoT SDK to implement an IzoT Server that provides a Web-based interface to a network. You can run the IzoT Server on your custom hardware, and you can run the IzoT Server on an IzoT Router. The IzoT SDK includes two stacks-IzoT Device Stack EX and the IzoT Server Stack. The IzoT SDK includes source code for both stacks that you can port to the processor and operating system of your choice. Ready-to-run distributions of the IzoT SDK are available for a Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone Black to provide you with a quick start without any porting.

For product documentation and more information, see the IzoT SDK product page. 

Software Downloads

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