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This section consists of the following:

Model Numbers and Product Description

The following table lists the i.LON 700 model and description.

Model #           Product Name                                          Product Description             
72201R-140i.LON 700 Edge ServerMulti-channel router and remote network interface (RNI) for LON/IP (IP-70), IP-852, LON/FT, and LON/TP-1250

The following table lists expansion modules that you can add for LON routing and interfacing.

Model #           Product Name                                          Product Description             
75060R-30U60 TP-1250 DIN USB Network Expansion ModuleUSB to LON/TP-1250 network interface
75060R-40U60 FT DIN USB Network Expansion ModuleUSB to LON/FT network interface

Hardware Features

The hardware for the i.LON 700 has the following specifications:



800 MHz Dual Core ARM Cortex A9

Real-time Clock

Internal with 72 hour power fail date/time retention

Built-in Memory


8 GB eMMC flash memory

Wired Interfaces

Gigabit Ethernet: RJ-45 jack for LAN connectivity

USB host: 4 Type-A 2.0 ports for network expansion modules or external powered USB hub

USB console: 1 Micro-B console port

Input Voltage

10.5-30VDC or 12-30VAC, 50/60Hz

Temperature Range

-40°C to +70°C

Surge Protection

EN 61000-4-5:2006, +/- 4KV


DIN 43880 8TE (DIN rail)


100g or 1000m/s2


6g or 59m/s2

More Information and Technical Support

Online documentation is available at

If you have technical questions that are not answered by the documentation, you can contact Echelon technical support. See for more information on Echelon support and training services. 

You can also view free online tutorials or enroll in training classes. You can find additional information about online tutorials and available training classes at

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