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You can create custom applications (apps), drivers, and web pages for the SmartServer. 

You can develop a custom app to provide a custom service on the SmartServer or to provide an interface to other IoT services.  A custom app can use any services provided by IAP/MQ or IAP/REST, including services to read and write datapoints, provision and manage devices, manage data logs, or manage alarms.  You can also create an app that implements a virtual IAP or LON device on the SmartServer.  You can use virtual IAP or LON devices to make datapoints available through the IAP/MQ and IAP/REST APIs.  For example, you can create a custom app that implements a virtual LON device that makes any IAP/MQ datapoints available as LON network variables that can be used by LON tools and applications such as IzoT CT or any IzoT Net Server or LNS applications. 

You can create a driver to provide an interface to devices that communicate with a protocol not already supported by the SmartServer.

You can create a custom web page to provide a customized interface to a SmartServer that you customize for the devices managed by the SmartServer and custom apps that you install on your SmartServer.

Many of the topics in the Developer's Guide reference example apps, example drivers, example web pages, and the SmartServer Driver Framework.  Small examples are included inline in the following topics.  Longer examples and the SmartServer Driver Framework are available in the SmartServer IoT GitHub repository at SmartServer-IoT.  You can download the entire repository as a ZIP archive file or you can clone the repository on your local computer.  To download a ZIP archive, click SmartServer-IoT, then click Clone or Download, and then click Download ZIP.  To clone the repository, you can use the git application or you can use a development tool such as Visual Studio Code that includes an integrated git interface.  To clone with git, open a Windows command prompt, navigate to the directory you plan to use for the repository, and then type: git clone .  This action copies the SmartServer IoT repository on your local drive under a smartserver-iot folder.  See for more information on cloning a GitHub repository.  See for more information on Visual Studio Code.

The following topics describe how to set up your computer for developing customer apps or drivers, provide a programming tutorial that will take you through some basic steps related to writing programs for the SmartServer IoT, describe how to develop custom apps and drivers, and describe how you can create custom web pages.

Setting Up Your Development Environment

This section describes a development environment for creating custom apps and drivers to run on the SmartServer IoT. 

General Programming Information

This section provides general information about creating applications for the SmartServer IoT.  

Programming Tutorial

This section provides a introductory tutorial for developing a custom app.  It includes:

Creating a Custom LON App

This section describes how to create internal apps for the SmartServer IoT.

IAP API Fundamentals

This section provides some basic information about the SmartServer IoT APIs.

Programming Tasks

This section provides instructions on performing various programming tasks.  It includes:  

Creating Custom Web Pages

This section helps you create custom web pages for the SmartServer IoT. 

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