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The application can be run locally from a computer while connecting to the SmartServer IoT's message broker.

You can adjust the IP address of the SmartServer's message broker in the file launch.json by changing index.js as shown below to index.js -h <SmartServer IoT IPv4 address> with verbose messaging, if required.

"program": "${workspaceFolder}/index.js"

For example:

"program": "${workspaceFolder}/index.js -v 4 -h"

To support running the Driver Framework from a computer, port 1883 needs to be opened on the SmartServer IoT to allow the computer to connect to the message broker. To do so, use the following script:

sudo ufw allow 1883

While running remotely, you will not have access to the SmartServer IoT's hardware, such as Ethernet or serial ports.

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