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This table lists the CMS widgets and provides links for tasks that are associated with these widgets.

Widget                      Tasks                                                                                Widget Preview


Alarm Management

Managing Alarm Notifications

Setting up Alarm Email Notifications


Copying a Calendar Event

Creating a Calendar Event

Displaying Calendar Event Information

Editing a Calendar Event

Managing the Calendar

Navigating the Calendar

Removing a Calendar Event

Setting up Schedules

Transformation Service

Viewing the Calendar


Managing Customer and User Accounts

Datapoint Browser

Configuring Devices

Configuring Local I/O Using the IOX

Testing Devices

Datapoint PropertiesDefining Datapoint Properties

Device Types

Defining Device Types

Exporting and Importing a SmartServer Configuration


Discovering, Defining, or Importing Devices

Exporting and Importing a SmartServer Configuration

Provisioning Devices

Testing Devices

Updating using the SmartServer CMS


Assigning User Permissions and Roles

GroupsDiscovering, Defining, or Importing Devices

MapSystem Integration Using Geozones, Zones, Floor Plans, and Maps

PlanningDefining Contexts

Report Definition

Viewing Data Trend Reports

Viewing Device Status Reports

Viewing Maintenance Reports


Creating Sequence of Operations

Creating User Interfaces

SettingsConfigure Your SmartServer


Backing Up, Restoring, and Cloning the SmartServer

Cloning and Deploying a SmartServer to a Multiple Sites

Managing the SmartServer SD Card

Viewing SmartServer Status


Defining Users

Managing Customer and User Accounts

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