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  1. Get a BeagleBone Black Rev C or Rev B with power supply. You can get more information on where to buy a BeagleBone Black at Following are a few distributors:

  2. Get a 2GB or larger Micro SD card. Performance is not critical since the Micro SD card will just be used to flash an image into the BeagleBone Black's eMMC flash memory.

  3. Download the IzoT SDK Ready-to-Run Flasher Image for the BeagleBone Black from

  4. Insert the Micro SD card for your BeagleBone Black in your computer's Micro SD card reader/writer.

  5. Format the Micro SD card with SDFormatter, selecting the options for a Full (Erase) format type and select the Format Size Adjustment option.

  6. Extract the BeagleBone Black flasher image from the file you downloaded in step 3 and write it to your Micro SD card using an SD card raw image writer.

  7. After the write is completed, remove the SD card from your computer, and with the power to your BeagleBone Black disconnected, install the Micro SD card in the BeagleBone Black, and then power up the BeagleBone Black. If the User LEDs don't start flashing then power down the BeagleBone Black and power it up again while holding the Boot button (located near the Micro SD Card slot).  Release Release the Boot button after the User LEDs start flashing.  Verify that the Micro SD Card LED (the second User LED from the edge) is flashing. The flashing User LED indicates that the BeagleBone Black is booting from the Micro SD Card).  If If the eMMC LED (the fourth User LED from the edge, nearest the network port) is flashing instead, this would indicate that the BeagleBone Black is booting from the on-board eMMC instead.

  8. Wait approximately 15 minutes. You should see both the Micro SD Card  LED and the eMMC LED flashing as the image is flashed onto the eMMC.  When When the flashing process is finished, all four LEDs will stay on.

  9. Power down the BeagleBone Black by pressing the Power button (located nearest the network port) and wait approximately 15 seconds for all LEDs (including the Power LED) to go out.  If If they do not go out after 30 seconds, disconnect power to the BeagleBone Black.

  10. Remove the Micro SD card from the BeagleBone Black, and power it back up.  The The BeagleBone Black should boot from the on-board eMMC (check that the eMMC LED flashes as the BeagleBone Black boots up). The BeagleBone Black hostname will be "IzoT-Dev-####" where  where #### is the last four hex digits of the BeagleBone Black's eth0 interface MAC ID.