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Using the Datapoint Properties Widget

The ADAM-41504150v20.dtp package defines the interface to access the digital input and output of the ADAM-4150 device using Modbus RTU and the RS-485-1 channel. This package includes a .dla file that provides Modbus driver instructions for monitoring the data and presenting the data events to the rest of the system. The Adam-4150.dla.csv file is contained ADAM-41504150v20.dtp archive that was imported in the process of Creating Modbus Devices.


  1. Go to the Datapoint Properties widget.

    Note: Click the Expand button (  ) for a better view of this widget. 

    Notice that the Monitored attribute is set to On as shown below.

    Note: To reduce the scope of data that appears on the Datapoint Properties widget, set the filter to narrow down the display to Modbus driver.

  2. To edit datapoint properties for Datapoint  DI_0, click the Action button () and select the Edit action. 

    The Edit Datapoint Properties view appears.

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    Poll Interval
    Poll Interval

    As shown in the figure below, the Monitored Yes slider is enabled. Since the Modbus driver can only poll datapoints, in order for the values to be monitored continuously, you need to enable the Polled Yes slider. Also, 
    Poll Interval (Seconds) is set to 2 and Publish Minimum Delta Value is set to On Any Change.

    These settings are important because the event traffic that would be created with 14 datapoints being polled every 2 seconds would needlessly consume CPU cycles. Therefore, if you are not using some of the inputs or outputs in your system, you should disable monitoring for the associated datapoints. (This optimization is not required for a small demonstration panel.)

  4. Exit fullscreen mode for the Datapoint Properties widget by clicking the Collapse button ().


Note: Since monitoring is enabled for the DIO module points, polling done by the Datapoint Browser widget is redundant and not necessary. Therefore, before getting started with the Datapoint Browser widget, you will need to change the Poll Interval (Seconds) on the Datapoint Properties widget from 2s to 0s.

With Poll Interval (Seconds) set to 0s on the Datapoint Properties widget, the Refresh button () on the Datapoint Browser widget (shown in the figure below) can be used to force a get of the current value.