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  • <Program_ID> – (required) a 64-bit hexadecimal number used for identifying resource definitions. An example BACnet/IP program_ID is 9B00F5050104FB03. The program ID can optionally have colon and hyphen separators. You can create a program ID using the SPIDCalculator as described in Device Type Definition.

  • <Version> – (optional) version of the device.
  • <Manufacturer> – (optional) manufacturer of the device.
  • <Description> – (optional) name of the device. This value can match the name of the .bac file.


Each BACnet device interface definition requires a unique program ID. Create a BACnet program ID for the BACnet XIF as defined in Device Type Definition.

Application Example

Following is an example of creating a BACnet XIF file for a Contemporary Control Systems BASR-8M BASremote I/O device.