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IOX is a compact companion module to the SmartServer IoT for connecting to industrial devices. You can use its configurable digital I/Os, and Modbus interface to control and monitor devices such as digital sensors, dry contact relays, push buttons, and Modbus devices. You can use the metering version of the IOX to monitor power and energy usage for one to three phase power mains. 

The IOX complies with DIN 43880 form factor standard and connects to a local SmartServer IoT via a USB connection. See IOX I/O Expansion Module for more information about the IOX hardware. You can interface your custom applications with the IOX using Dialog’s IAP/MQ APIs. See Managing I/O Points with the IOX and the /wiki/spaces/STAGE/pages/1184743019 for more information. See IOX Modbus Software Setup, to enable Modbus and setup the uart configuration for the IOX device.

This section describes how to configure and use the IOX and consists of the following:

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